Program Consultation

Crafting your Community

Sometimes people of all ages simply need to play. The power of play can bring people together and allow them to recharge and connect in ways that daily work does not allow. Contact us to schedule a playshop for your group or organization.

​Staff Training

If you are looking to improve or change your camp or environmental education programs. Contact us and set up a phone or in person consultation to take your program to the next step.

Community Cafe

Connecting to nature in a deep and meaningful way can produce amazing results. We provide programs that teach you how to connect with nature no matter where you are.

Nature Connection

A Single Footstep

A Community Cafe is a structured process of exploration into issues that a community or organization is addressing. It can also be utilized for dynamic meeting facilitation.

The Ropes of Ecology is a program that can be used for participants or staff training. It uses low ropes course elements and mobile initiatives to teach ecological literacy. 

The Internal Customer.

If you are looking to add some new skills or activities to your staff's tool box, consider having us come in to run experiential programs to add depth to your staff's skills. We love working with camp or outdoor and environmental education staff. 

Bringing people together to form a community can be incredibly rewarding and a trying experience. Our Crafting Community process can help you bring a group of people to a new understanding of what it means to be in community.

A new book and program coming out in the Spring of 2023! I co-authored this book with Jim Cain of Teamworks and Teamplay. Contact us to schedule a program.

Ropes of Ecology

Playing with Purpose

The Adventure Trail-NEW!!

In business we often talk about providing excellent customer service. And we often only focus outwards. What if we structured our organizations to treat our co-workers with excellent customer service. What could that produce. Contact us to help you provide excellent internal customer service. 

Contact us to take your next step.