A Single Footstep

‚ÄčCommunities should be regenerative in nature.

     My name is Shawn Moriarty and I am the owner and bigfoot of A Single Footstep. I have spent over 35 years working with camps, corporations, organizations, and individuals to help them reach their potential. I have been lucky enough to have been part of some amazing communities and my goal is to help guide people into communities that connect them to themselves, each other, and nature.

     We offer experiential programs that focus on crafting regenerative communities. Regenerative means that they are focused on development that drives growth, connection, and rejuvenation in a systemic manner while recognizing their effect on others.

     We focus on working with people to see what gifts they have and how to use them to make their communities dynamic and abundant. We also focus on facilitation training so that you can customize your training programs.

     Our programs take place at outdoor venues, in classrooms, online, on the phone, and in workshops at conferences. If you are feeling the need to take the next step, please contact us